Accounts Receivable Module Screens and Reports



Debit Memo

Credit Memo

Credit Adjustment

Payment Receipt


Unapplied Document Application

Unapplied Document Refund


Invoice Posting

Debit Memo Posting

Credit Memo Posting

Credit Adjustment Posting

Payment Receipt Posting

Post-Dated Cheque Posting

Unapplied Document Application Posting

Unapplied Document Refund Posting

Undo Invoice Posting

Undo Debit Memo Posting

Undo Credit Memo Posting

Undo Credit Adjustment Posting

Undo Payment Receipt Posting

Undo Deposit Posting

Undo Unapplied Document Application Posting


Customer Status

Date Sensitive AR Aging

Outstanding Documents

Sales Analysis



Credit Adjustment

Credit Memo

Debit Memo

Delivery Note


Payment Receipt

Customer Statement

Edit Reports

Invoice Listing

Debit Memo Listing

Credit Memo Listing

Credit Adjustment Listing

Payment Listing

Post-Dated Cheque Listing

Unapplied Document Application Listing

Unapplied Document Refund Listing

Listing Reports

Customer Master List

Customer Price List

Inactive Customer List

Miscellaneous Charges Master List

Payment Terms Master List

Profit Centre Master List

Deposit List

Status Reports

Account Distribution

AR Aging Report

AR Aging Summary

AR Detail Aging Report

AR Detail Aging Summary Report

AR Receipts Transactions

Credit Alert Report

Customer Balance Report

Customer Invoice Payment Report

Customer Ledger Detail Report

Customer Ledger Summary Report

Customer Status Report

Customer Status Report by Month

Debtors Aging Report

Debtors Aging Detail Report

Invoice Summary

Outstanding Invoice Detail Report

Outstanding Invoice Status Report

Sales Summary by Customer for the Year

Sales Journal

Sales By Salesperson On Paid Invoices


AR Profit Centre

Bank Master

Currency Maintenance

Customer Class

Customer Maintenance

Document No Set

Item Master

Miscellaneous Charges

Payment Terms

Salesperson Maintenance

Units of Measure

Recurring Invoice

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