About ERPro

Designed specifically for small to medium, growing businesses, ERPro is an easy-to-use, but powerful financial, business management and ERP solution that helps you work more productively, access the information you need to make informed decisions, and effectively integrate with other business applications, including Microsoft Office, Web, Email and Fax.

Ideal for companies that need more than basic accounting software, ERPro offers affordable, flexible, and fully integrated financial management, sales, purchasing, inventory, project, CRM and reporting capabilities. It connects people, information, and processes to help manage your business more effectively.

Your business system should be designed for ease of use, business growth, and changing business needs. ERPro offer flexible account structures, efficient transaction processing, familiar Microsoft Outlook-style interface, and sophisticated financial reporting capabilities.

Why ERPro?

We know business information system.

With more than 10 years experience in computerized business information system, we've built some of the most popular and highly honored business solutions for midsized businesses. ERPro features the same rich functionality and secure, reliable technology—optimized for small, growing businesses.

Easy to get up and running.

Importing data from your existing application and use the setup screen to tailor the system to your business. The easy-to-use interface helps you get more work done more quickly, and a variety of help, support, and training options help you get up and running quickly.

Increased efficiency.

ERPro is designed to help you complete everyday tasks more efficiently. Personalized shortcuts, windows clipboard and ERPro today checklists help streamline tasks, and a variety of custom reporting options offer quick and easy access to your data.

Improved control.

ERPro offers true double-entry accounting and a secure audit trail so each transaction can be traced back to the source. These financial control features are ideal for any small business that needs auditable financial statements or has external financing needs.

Greater reliability with multiple users.

With ERPro, multiple user access isn't an afterthought. All our systems are designed from the ground up to enable multiple users to access the software concurrently, without compromising reliability, security or performance.

Integration with Microsoft Office.

ERPro allows users to print reports, listings and search result to Microsoft Excel, to send letters and e-mail communications using Microsoft Word, and to take advantage of other Office features and accessories.

Increased data availability.

The Business Information of ERPro is published to web and access from secure channel by using the WebViewer Module. They will access their business information from their factories in anywhere, at anytime to make better decisions.

Improving collaboration and information sharing.

As ERPro is an integrated business System containing Financial, Sales and Purchasing Modules with multi-companies capability. All the business information is centralized in a database server (Microsoft SQL Server) and easily to access, resulting improve collaboration and information sharing.

Locally based training and support.

ERPro is sold through a locally based partner or reseller. The seller is knowledgeable about ERPro product setup and operation, and can answer follow-up questions and provide technical support. Local partners are all backed by NuTech Solutions support and training team.

Grows with you.

ERPro is designed for small to medium, growing businesses. It comes with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition and also works with other SQL Server editions as database software, and customers can switch from one to the other depending on the size of their database needs.

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