This form is used for entry of deposit payments. Entry of deposits for sales orders specified as "deposit needed" is required before any shipment of that order can be processed. Only 1 deposit payment is assumed per order.

See also: Deposit Needed Demonstration

Explanation of Header Fields

Receipt No.

Required. Capslock. Cannot be changed once created.


Required. Default to system date.

Customer ID

Required. Capslock.

Customer Name

Display the corresponding customer name after the customer number has been specified.

Cash Account

Required. Capslock.


Required. Capslock.

Exch. Rate

Must be greater than zero. If the currency is the same as Base currency, set the rate to 1 and cannot be changed by the user.

Amount Received

Must be greater than zero.

Used Amount

For display only. This is the total amount that have been paid as deposit of the sales orders.

Unused Amt.

For display only. Computed as Amt_Received – Used Amount.

“Auto Apply button”

When this button is pressed, the system will search for Sales Orders that belong to the customer specified and the Amt_Received will be applied to the Deposit of the Sales Orders. The Used_Amount and Unused_Amt. Fields will be automatically updated.

Explanation of Detail Fields

S.O. No.

Required. Capslock. Cannot be changed once the record is saved. Must be a valid sales order from the customer specified and where the order is marked as Deposit Needed and where the Deposit Reference is not yet specified.

Order Date

For display only.

Request Date

For display only.

Rate (%)

For display only.

Deposit Amt

For display only.

Paid Amt

Must not be less than zero. Default to Amt_Received.