Currency Maintenance


This form is used for:

· Assigning standard codes to the various currencies.

· Updating the rate of exchange of converting foreign currencies to the base currency.

Explanation of Header Fields

Currency Code

Capslock. Required. This is the standard code assigned to each currency. Only those currencies which have been assigned standard codes will be accepted by the system.



Base Rate

Default to 1. Must be greater than zero. If Currency Code is the same as base currency specified in the Company Parameters form, the rate will be set to 1 and cannot be changed.

Explanation of Detail Fields

Effective Date

Required. Must not be earlier than current date.

Note that this details portion is applicable for currencies other than the base currency. As will be noticed in the same form, the rates are arranged in descending order based on the effectivity date.

Exch. Rate

Must be greater than zero. No defaults. 6 decimal places.