Sales Module Screens and Reports



Sales Order

Sales Order Cancellation

Sales Order Amendment

Direct Shipment


Sales Return

Consignment Note

Consignment Return Note


Sales Order Posting

Sales Order Cancellation Posting

Direct Shipment Posting

Shipment Posting

Sales Return Posting

Undo Sales Return Posting

Create Order Shipments from Sales Orders


Product Sales Analysis

Product Sales Summary

Sales Order Details

Outstanding Sales Orders



Delivery Note

Packing List

Pick List

Proforma Invoice


Quotation with Picture

Quotation with 2 Pictures

Sales Order

Sales Order Cancellation

Sales Order Amendment ( UnPosted )

Sales Order Amendment ( Posted )

Sales Return

Consignment Note

Consignment Return Note

Shipment Invoice

Edit Reports

Sales Quotation Listing

Direct Sales Listing

Sales Order Cancellation Listing

Sales Order Listing

Sales Return Listing

Shipment Listing

Consignment Note Listing

Consignment Return Note Listing

Status Reports

Outstanding Sales Order Report

Outstanding Sales Order Detail Report

Sales Order Shipment Schedule

Sales Details Report

Analysis Reports

Period Profit by Customer

Period Profit by Customer Class

Period Profit by Item

Period Profit by Item Category

Period Profit by Salesperson

Period Sales by Customer

Period Sales by Customer Class

Period Sales by Item

Period Sales by Item Category

Period Sales by Salesperson

Profit Analysis by Customer

Profit Analysis by Invoice

Profit Analysis by Item

Profit Analysis by Salesperson

Sales Analysis by Customer

Sales Analysis by Invoice

Sales Analysis by Item

Sales Analysis by Salesperson

Listing Reports

Customer Master List

Customer Price List

Inactive Customer List

Inventory Cost Centre Master List

Inventory Item Master Listing

Location Listing

Miscellaneous Charges Master List

Payment Terms Master List

Price Code Master List

Profit Centre Master List

Text Type Master List

Unit of Measure Master Listing


Currency Maintenance

Customer Class

Customer Maintenance

Document No Set

Item Master

Miscellaneous Charges

Payment Terms

Price Codes

Salesperson Maintenance

Shipping Terms

Text Type

Units of Measure