What's New in ERPro 3.10

December 1, 2006

WebLeave online Demo. You can test try our newly introduced HRPro add-on module WebLeave on web. WebLeave for HRPro is a web-based Employees Leave Management Portal for employees with online leave applications and approvals through the use of the internet web forms and email for effective corporate employees leave management.

· A web-based system for handling all types of leave: annual, sick, maternity, no-pay, etc.

· Works wherever there's Internet access.

· Allows staff to apply for leave online.

· Managers can approve or reject leave requested from anywhere around the world via the web, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

· Employees can get up-to-date information of leave status (including approval status and annual leave balance, etc) as well as their Leave History without contacting Human Resource Department.

· A simple, easy to use system that eliminates paper work, saving time and money.

· Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & managers.

WebLeave Demo Site:

Employee ID: 0002

Password: 0002

Online User Manual

System Manager

· Added Search Details checkbox in Global Search ADFGS to search transaction details

· Changed caption Bank Code to Bank ID

· Added checkbox option Grid Enable Word Wrap in Options

· Added Insert button on Lookup Screen for some items (Item, Item Cat, Currency, Account No, and Location) to enable on-the-fly add-new functionality.

General Ledger

· Added Alternate Account to Chart of Account GBFCA as a reference field.

Accounts Receivable

· Added Credit Hold Function

1. Added Credit Hold checkbox in Customer Maintenance

2. When Customer is in Credit Hold, Shipment/Direct Sales is not allowed. Sales Order will give Credit Hold Warning.

· AR Recurring Invoice enable Voucher Description population

Accounts Payable

· AP Recurring Invoice enable Voucher Description population


· Item Movement Summary ICRMS added selection condition Item Category, Sub Category

· Stock Flow Summary ICRSS added column Item Category


· Added Print Word Document to Sales Order SLFOE

· Added Print Excel Document to Sales Quotation SLFQE

· Added Print Word Document, Print Excel Document in Direct Sales SLFDS

· Completed Status in SO will show Partial Status besides Yes/No

· Allow input zero return qty in Sales Return SLFRE to enable “Return Charges”.


· Completed Status in PO will show Partial Status besides Yes/No

· Allow input zero return qty in Purchase Return PUFPR to enable “Return Charges”.


· Added Budget Balance Column in Project Maintenance Grid Panel PJFPM


· Added Document Type in CRM Activities

· Added Access Rights by Salesperson function: Only those activities and customers that the salesperson is belong can be viewed/edited.

· Added Report Customers with 3 Months No Revenue CRRNS

· Added Sales Target to Salesperson Maintenance GBFSL

· Added date field Customer Since in Customer Maintenance GBFCR

· Added Activities Tab in

1. Sales Quotation SLFQE

2. Sales Order SLFOE

3. Purchase Order PUFOE

4. Shipment SLFSH

5. Direct Sales SLFDS

6. Goods Received PUFGR

7. Customer GBFCR

8. Vendor GBFVM

9. Vendor Status APEVS

10. Customer Status ARECB

Business Alert

· Added checkboxes Except Saturday and Except Sunday in Daily Schedule


Payroll Management

· Added Report Payroll Details Report by Employee PLREE

· Added Report Individual Salary Report PLRIS

Leave Management

· Added Leave Approval PLFAP

· Added Leave Balance Report PLRLB

· Added Leave Application Report PLRAP

· Import file for Hong Kong Holiday 2007 HOLIDAY2007.TXT is available to download

Attendance Management

· Added Attendance Report PLRAT

· Added Overtime Report PLROT

· Added Late-in Report PLRLI

· Added Early-out Report PLREO

· Added Terminal Data Report PLRTD

· Added Roster Table Report PLRRT

· Added Absent Report PLRAB


The following functions are available in WebLeave:

1. Leave Application Status

2. Apply Leave

3. Leave History

4. Leave Approval

5. Attendance Record

6. Company Library

7. Change Password

Please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.

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