What's New in ERPro/HRPro 5.7

Refer a ERPro/HRPro prospect to get free $500 Park'n Shop Cash Coupons

Whenever you come across that any friends, delegates or business partners are looking for business management solutions for Accounting, Trading & Distribution, Warehouse Management, CRM, ERP and/or HR, from now on until December 31, 2008 just refer their business contact to us and you can receive a HK$500 Park’n Shop Cash Coupon when the purchase is made.

Terms & Conditions:

    • Referrer must be an existing ERPro/HRPro end user; Referee must be a company who possesses a valid BR and had never used any ERPro/HRPro Business Solutions before.
    • The offers of Referral Program cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers provided by NuTech. Referrer can only enjoy either reseller benefits or referrer benefits at one time but not both in each independent successful referral case.
    • After referee has settled the final bill of the project, a cash coupon redemption letter will be mailed to referrer..
    • The cash coupons will be entitled to referrer according to the following scheme. In each independent successful referral case, 5 cash coupons will be give to referrer (total value: HK$500).
    • The cash coupon cannot be exchanged for other products, services or service fee discounts.
    • NuTech bears no liability for the cash coupons after delivery to referrer.
    • In case of disputes over coupon redemption, the decision of NuTech shall be final.

Please email the business contact of the referee to sales@nutech.com.hk to register.


ERPro 5.7

    • Added Inventory Valuation Report (Standard Cost) ICRVS
    • Added field Description in Goods Received PUFGR
    • Sales Order Amendment SLFAM / Purchase Order Amendment PUFAM now allow amend Description
    • Added Columns Selection in browser right click menu
    • In Stock Transaction Processing ICFSP - Item Lookup function will consider the Location and display the Qty On Hand for that Location accordingly
    • Added field Multiplier in Bill of Material GBFME
    • Added new screen Item Unit Conversion GBFIU
    • In Sales Order SLFOE, Sales Order Amendment SLFAM, Direct Shipment SLFDS, Consignment Note SLFCS - Item Lookup function will consider the location and display the Qty On Hand for that location
    • In Sales and Purchase Module, the Unit Lookup function will provide valid units for the item only
    • In Sales Module: Allow negative unit price for non-stock items
    • Added 15 User-Defined Fields to Item Master GBFIM
    • Added Clear Logo button in Company Setup
    • Some performance Improvements
    • Added document Changing Themes in ERPro User Portal
    • Added document ERPro System Requirements in ERPro User Portal

HRPro 5.7

    • Added Columns Selection in browser right click menu
    • Leave Entry PLFLA will consider the Leave Nature in order to calculate the Total Leave Days when the Nature is M (Maternity Leave) or S (Sick Leave)
    • Added Leave Adjustment Import from Excel File function. See How to import Leave Adjustment from Excel File?
    • Allowed generate Payroll Batch by Employee Class
    • Added option to calculate Prorated Salary based on Start Date in Position History. See What is "Prorated Salary consider Promotion History Start Date" in HRPro Setup?
    • Added new screen Integrity Check GBFGI in System Manager -> Enquires
    • Added option to enable Leave Period by Employee Class
    • Added document Changing Themes in ERPro User Portal
    • Added Document HRPro System Requirements in ERPro User Portal

Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.