Work with Attachment Manager

With the attachment feature build in on almost every screen in ERPro, you can attached any kind of documents including word, excel, PDF, JPG, or any other kind of digital documents etc. to any ERPro input screen (e.g. Invoice, Receipt, Sales Order, Purchase Order etc.) and let you organize and search these documents easily and effectively. A reference number can be entered for each attachment for further reference, search and share.

Attach an attachment

1. From any ERPro screen that contain the attachment tab. Click the “…” button on the Link column.

2. Select the file that you wish to attachment. (Please note that attachment manager only attach the link of the attachment. If you wish to share this attachment, make sure the link is a common link.)

3. You can enter any note or keyword in the description field if any.

Search Attachment using Description search.

You can search attachment using the keyword enter in step 3. In Global Function -> Attachment Manager. -> Type the keyword in the Find filed, select “Description” in the In filed, click “Find” button to find.

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