How to restore a backup from a backup device (Enterprise Manager - SQL Server 2000)

To restore a complete database backup to the same database

1. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager and connect to the server where the backup is to be restored.

2. Right-click the database and select All Tasks, then select Restore database. The Restore Database dialog box is displayed.

3. Click From device, and then click Select devices.

4. Under Restore from, click Disk, and then "Add..." button to select the device you wish to restore.

5. Under Restore backup set, Click Database - complete to restore a database backup.

6. The Options tab in the Restore Database dialog box provides options to select the final restore state, change the file name, and other options for the restore operation.

7. To start the restore operation, click OK. The Restore Progress dialog box is displayed while the restore operation executes.

8. When the restore operation completes, the below dialog box is displayed. To close it, click OK.