ERPro Brief Installation Procedure

ERPro is usually performed by our Technical Support Personnels and included as a service during our implementation service. However, if end user with IT knowledge wish to perform the installation by themselves, the followings are the brief procedure:

1) Copy the all folders in your CD to your new server at C:\ERPro (or any other location)

2) Install MS SQL Server 2005 Express and Management Studio Express on your server

    • MS SQL Server is located at ERProCD\Setup\SQL 2005 Express\SQLEXPR.exe
    • Management Studio is located at ERProCD\Setup\SQL 2005 Express\Management Studio Express\SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi
    • Please follow the on screen instruction to complete the setup of both program
    • During the installation of MS SQL Server, you will be asked whether the server offers mixed authentication, please choose "mixed" and then input the password for system admin

3) Restore dbSystem and dbERPro on the SQL server

    • execute Management Studio to perform the restoration
    • after log on to the database, right click on "Database", then click "Restore Database"
    • you will have to enter the name of each database accordingly. Please use dbSystem for system database and dbERPro for demo database
    • the two database backup are located at ERProCD\Setup\Database Sample

4) Configure the server to accept TCP/IP remote connection

5) The server setup is finished. Then you will have to setup the correct connection information again on each of your workstation. ERPro will prompt you to do so when you login.

We also provide on-site service for further assistance.