How to register ERPro?

After ERPro is setup successfully, you can follow this procedure to register your copy of ERPro. Otherwise, please follow the ERPro Workstation Setup procedure to setup ERPro on your workstation before registration.

1. From your workstation, open ERPro and go to Top Menu, Click HelpàAbout NuTech ERPro

or Click the Yes button if ERPro trial version is already expired.

2. Click the button “Register”

3. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, click the Email Button will send the Machine Key to us.

Otherwise click Copy and open a new email and paste the machine key into the email.

Our email address:

You are entitled to obtain the License Key after the final balance of the project is settled.

4. After you obtain the License key from us, copy and paste the unlocking key to the area “License Key”.

Click the button ”OK”. Registration process is finished.

Note: If you wish to transfer license from one machine to another, please provide us the Machine ID or License Key of the machine that you wish to transfer license from.