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Designing Document Number Formats

Users are freely to design the format of different document number (including Voucher Number, Invoice Number, and Receipt Number etc) based on the Number Mask defined in Document Numbers.

You can define the default set of document numbers from Company Setup (GBFGP)

Auto Nbr

Check the Auto Nbr check box if user prefer the Document Number generated by system. In this case, a word Auto will be display on the document number when you create a new document.



Nbr Mask

You can define Prefix (usually a fixed Alphabet or a combination the transaction’s year/month) and Suffix (usually a running number) on the Nbr Mask.

Nbr Mask supports the following merge code:

            yy – short year

            yyyy – long year

            mm – month

            mmm – English month

            dd – day

            # - number

The year, month and day refer to the date of the transaction


Next Nbr

The Next Nbr field contain the next number that you wish ERPro to generate. If the Next Nbr is greater than ZERO, the next number will not reset on next month/year.

If Next Nbr is 0 than ERPro will generate the number based on the (maximum number + 1) of the given transaction year/month. The next number will reset to 1 on next month/year.


Next Auto Nbr

Display the Next Auto Number after you click the Apply button.


 See also: Document Number Set