Unapplied Document Application

This form is used for assigning Unapplied Document (open-item) to invoices. Unapplied Documents are settlement amounts which have not yet been assigned to specific invoices. They can come from the paid deposit of the sales orders. They may also come from unused amounts of payment receipts or from total amounts of Credit adjustments. The process of assigning settlement amounts to specific invoices is referred to in the system as Application (Allocation).



Explanation of Header Fields


Control No


Required. Capslock. Cannot be changed once created.


Apply Date


Required. Default to system date if mode is insert.


Customer ID


Required. Capslock.


Customer Name


Display the corresponding customer name after the customer number has been specified.


Log No.


This is the log no. of the open-item entry that is going to be processed. Required.


Ref. No


For display only. This indicates where the open-item comes from.




For display only.




For display only.


Exch. Rate


For display only.


Document Amt


For display only. The original Amount of the Document.


Unapplied Amt


For display only. The balance amount of the unapplied document that is not yet applied to invoices.






Total Applied Amount


For display only. This shows the total amount allocated to the invoices listed.


Total Applied Discount


For display only.



Explanation of Detail Fields


Invoice No.


Required. Capslock. Cannot be changed once the record is saved.


Amount to Apply


Must not be less than zero. If Term Disc. is the same as Balance, then Amount to Apply should be zero and cannot be changed by the user.


Must not be greater than Balance amount.




Must not be less than zero. Must not be greater than Balance. This is the term discount.


Document Balance


For display only. Portion of the invoice that is not yet settled or returned.


Original Currency


          For display only.


Doc Date


For display only.


Disc Date


For display only.


Due Date


For display only.


Explanation of Attachment Tab




Click the “.. “ button to attached any file from your drives to this document for later reference.






Created by


        For display only


Creation date


        For display only