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What's New in ERPro 4.3/HRPro 3.5

June 1, 2007



General Ledger

l   Added Account Type selection to Voucher Enquiry (GLEVL)

l   Undo GL Voucher Posting now only show vouchers within GL Open Period


Accounts Payable                                                                                 

l   Added Payment Voucher document APRPV in Payment Voucher APFPA and Report - Documents



l   Automatic adjust unit cost and total cost for last purchase return transaction when Purchase Return use Purchase Cost for IC Transactions in Company Setup is turn on.


HRPro 3.5                                                                                             

l   Years of Services in Employee Master displays Years, Months, Days

l   MPF auto calculation now excluded employees with age below 18 and above 65

l   Added Leave Type Combo Box in Employee Master PLFEE Leave Tab

l   Hourly Rate will be calculated and displayed in Employee Master PLFEE

l   Added Undo IR56B Posting PLPUP

l   Added OT Rate Type Maintenance PLFOT

l   Added Department Maintenance PLFDP

l   Implemented Enable 60 days retention for employer first contribution

l   Added Compensation Leave Nature in Leave Adjustment PLFLE

l   Added Compensation Leave Balance in Employee Master PLFEE

l   Added Sick Leave Balance in Employee Master PLFEE

l   Added HRPRO Reminder access rights control

l   HRPRO Reminder – Added Long Service Employees Anniversary within this 2 Months

l   Added Pay Type Amount 1 to 6 to Employee Master PLFEE

l   Added Contract End Date to Employee Master PLFEE

l   Added Contract End Employee(s) of this 2 Months to HRPro Reminder



Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.


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