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What's New in ERPro 4.0

March 3, 2007



Accounts Receivable                                                                            

l           Added Local Used, Local Discount Columns to AR Unapplied Document Application ARFAA


Accounts Payable                                                                                 

l           Added Local Used, Local Discount Columns to AP Unapplied Document Application APFAA



l           Change Caption Petty Cash Processing to Cash Processing



l           Added CRM Activities Tab to AR Invoice, AR Debit Memo

l           Added CRM Activities Tab to Project Status Enquiry PJEPS

l           Enabled Auto-Refresh on CRM Activities Tab



l           Support Leave Days Decimal Setting in HRPro Setup

l           Allow amend Other Pay Type Descriptions in Payroll Adjustment

l           Added Employee Listing PLRLE

l           Allow edit Remarks in Attendance Entry

l           HRPro Setup - allow overwrite Working Days in Payroll Period Tab



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