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What's New in ERPro 3.8

October 3, 2006


Free CRM to try.  Existing ERPro Customers can enjoy a three months trial period to test run our CRM module.


-          Special offer to existing ERPro Customers only

-          Promotion Period is valid from now till October 31, 2006.

-          Please contact support@nutech.com.hk for Test Run arrangement


System Manager                                                                  

·         Add "Work with Attachment Manager" in User Portal (http://www.nutech.com.hk/erpro/Help/UserGuide/WorkWithAttachmentManager.mht)

·         Added Integrity Check 'AR - Customer Open Item Balance against AROPEN'


Accounts Receivable

·         Added Source Ref to AR Invoice ARFIN

·         Added Credit Memo Date in AR Rounding Difference Writeoff  ARPWO


Accounts Payable

·         Added Credit Memo Date in AP Rounding Difference Writeoff  APPWO

·         Added Payment Hold function in AP Invoice/Debit Memo How to use?

·         Added Payment Hold Report APRPH



·         Use Date Range selection instead of Period Range selection in Item Movement Listing ICRIL

·         Added fields Area, Phone, Fax, Contact Person to Location Maintenance GBLOCN



·         Add Item Description Column in Sales Return SLFRE

·         Add Shipped qty, Cancelled Qty columns in Sales Order SLFOE

·         Added History tab in Sales Order SLFOE to display amendment, shipment and sales return history



·         Added field PR No. to Purchase Order PUFOE and PO Amendment PUFAM

·         Added Item Description Column in Purchase Return PUFRE

·         Added Received qty, Cancelled Qty columns in Purchase Order PUFOE

·         Added History tab in Purchase Order PUFOE to display amendment, GRN and purchase return history



·         Added two columns status and completed to SO/PO tab in project enquiry PJEPS



·         Now Write Letter Wizard (GBPCL, GBPVL) can send a batch of documents by Email or by Fax.


Business Alert

·         Business Alert will now automatic reconnect if the SQL server is down for a while.

·         New Web Page in User Portal: Business Alert Query Samples (http://www.nutech.com.hk/erpro/Help/UserGuide/BusinessAlertQuerySamples.mht)


Please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.


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