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What's New in ERPro 3.3

May 3, 2006


Manage your Cash effectively.  ERPro Banking module is a tool used for managing your company’s cash accounts. You can record deposits, withdrawals and bank transfers; indicate which deposits, withdrawals and transfers have cleared the bank; and then reconcile their book entries with the bank statements. Banking in ERPro allows you to seamlessly integrate all cash, cheque, and credit card transactions, track bank account balances, and automate the monthly process of reconciling these accounts.


Existing ERPro Customers can enjoy 50% off list price (including service) if you order the Banking module within the Promotion Period.


-          Special offer to existing ERPro Customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with other offer/promotion/discount.

-          Existing Customers included Small Business Edition Customers and Corporate Edition Customers only.

-          Promotion Period is valid from now till May 31, 2006.


System Manager

·         Document Numbers now support different number set for each month

·         Support Command Line parameter in order to load another ERPRO.INI config file.

·         Remove Last Balance Sheet Account, First Income Account and Last Income Account in Company Setup.


General Ledger

·         Add PARTICULARS selection condition in Voucher Enquiry GLEVL

·         Add Crystal Report - Trial Balance (Combined Total) GLRTC to include Foreign Currency Ledger


Accounts Receivable

·         Add Project Code to AR Invoice/Debit Memo Listing

·         Use current date Exchange Rate when copying AR Invoice/Debit Memo/Adjustment

·         Add field: Remarks to Payment Receipt

·         Add Customer Ledger Summary Report ARRLS

·         Add AR Report - Outstanding Invoice Detail Report ARRID

·         Add Column Overdue Days to AR Detail Aging Report ARRGD

·         When entering Project Code in Invoice and debit memo, Customer No. is populated from Project Master.

·         Change Customer’s Postal Code to Unicode


Accounts Payable

·         Add Project Code to AP Invoice/Debit Memo Listing

·         Use current date Exchange Rate when copying AP Invoice/Debit Memo/Adjustment

·         Add field Remarks to Payment Voucher

·         Payment Advice (APRPA) - Address use Remittance Address if Remittance Address is not empty, otherwise will use Vendor Address

·         Enlarge Debit Adjustment Particulars in Voucher from char(50) to char(160)

·         Change Vendor’s Postal Code to Unicode



·         Change SO address to Unicode

·         Add fields: Ship Via, Country of Origin in Shipment

·         Add field: Country of Origin, Customer PO, Project Code in Sales Order Amendment

·         Add condition Customer Class in all AR Aging Reports ARRAG, ARRGD, ARRAS and ARRSD



·         Change PO address to Unicode

·         Add field Ref No in GRN

·         PO Listing report (PUROL) – Add Ship to address and project code.



·         Bank Reconciliation Listing (GLRAR) - Add Unpresented Debit/Credit Sub-report Section

·         Add Field Clear Date to Bank Reconciliation GLFRE and Bank Reconciliation Listing GLRAR



WebLeave (Beta)

  • ERPro WebLeave Module for employees to apply leave on web.


Please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.


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