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What's New in ERPro 3.2

April 1, 2006


System Manager

·         Add Allow to print documents only after posted checkbox option in Company Setup

·         Add AR/AP One Step Settlement checkbox Options in Company Setup

·         Add "Show Offset" checkbox option in GL Tab in Company Setup

·         Change Exchange Rate Decimal Place from 4 to 6

·         Add Eventlog table in System Database to log down unsucessful logins

·         Add "Business Alert" Right in User Maintenance


General Ledger

·         Add Analysis Code Listing  - GLRCL

·         Add Voucher Type Listing - GLRVT

·         Undo Period Closing now can Undo Year End Closing


Accounts Receivable

·         Add Report "AR Aging Detail Report" ARRGD for all 6 aging category

·         Add Report "AR Detail Aging Summary" ARRSD for all 6 aging category

·         Recuring Invoice Description support merge code [YYYY], [MMM] and [MM]

·         Add Invoice Date column in Recurring Invoice's Schedule. And the Recuring Invoice generates invoices based on Schedule Date not Invoice Date.

·         Changed Salesperson Name to Unicode

·         Add "SO/Quotation History" tab in Customer Status Enquiry

·         In Payment Receipt, Add Payment Date earlier than Invoice Date Checking

·         Add AR Deposit Posting in Processes folder


Accounts Payable

·         Add PO No. Column in Vendor Invoice

·         Changed Buyer Name to Unicode

·         Add Goods Received Not Invoiced  Enquiry (APENI) in AP Enquiry

·         Add 'PO/GRN History" in Vendor Status Enquiry

·         Rename “Cheque Register” report to “Payment Register” Report – Add Payment Method, Remittance Bank and Remittance Bank A/C columns

·         Add Cheque No. in AP Deposit Screen.

·         Add AP Deposit Posting in Processes folder



·         Changed Location Name and Address to Unicode



·         Zero Amount Direct Sales/Shipment will not generate a zero amount AR Invoice now.

·         Sales Amendment Field Add "DESTINATION"

·         Add Project Code and Delivery Date range selection option in Outstanding Sales Orders Enquiry

·         Add Project Code selection option in Product Sales Analysis Enquiry



·         In GRN: System will give warning when an item is inputted more than one time from the same PO and line number.

·         Add Report Purchase Order Cancel Listing

·         Add Report Purchase Return Listing

·         Add Project Code and Request Date range selection option in Outstanding Purchase Orders Enquiry

·         Add Project Code selection option in Product Purchase Analysis Enquiry



·         Add fields Tel and Fax to CRM Activities Screen.


Business Alert

·         Support the Query that the result contains Chinese Characters and the output email displays Chinese properly.



·         Add "SO/PO Transactions" tab in Project Enquiry


Bar Code (Beta)

·         Enable to print Bar Code Labels for Stock In Items

·         Interface with Ciperlab bar code data collector to read “Stock In”, “Stock Out”, “Stock Take” information



·         Add Function GLA to retrieve balance from ERPro Sub Account Ledger


Coming Soon

  • ERPro WebLeave Module for employees to apply leave on web.


Please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.


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