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What's New in ERPro 2.8

December 1, 2005


System Manager

  • ERPro 2.8 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  • Improve performance when Login – by utilized key fields in folder list - speed up login process by 30% or more.
  • Improve performance when form load – by utilized static variables – speed up form load process by 10% or more.
  • Add Toggle function in tool bar and right-click menu to display posted/unposted, authorized/unauthorized records.
  • Support Template Files stored in individual dbApplication Folder.
  • Add Select All, Clear All in right click menu of User Maintenance and Group Maintenance.
  • Log the particular update action in User Maintenance and Group Maintenance to Event Log.
  • Add Individual Access Right Action Control (Add, Edit, Delete, View) for User Maintenance and Group Maintenance.
  • Add Post Project Code to GL Voucher as Analysis Code 1 option in Company Setup.


General Ledger

  • Change the width of ledger analysis codes from 6 to 12.


Accounts Receivable

  • Add Recurring Invoice in AR, ERPro can generated recurring daily/weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly/semi-annual or annual invoices automatically.



  • When Produce End Product Posting – Sub-contact No. will populate to Stock Transaction Header as Explanation.
  • Maintain Standard Cost in Item Master.
  • Improve inventory item insert and update performance by eliminating unnecessary checking in SQL trigger.



  • Project Code will populate to GL Voucher in AR Invoice/AP Invoice/Debit Memo/Credit Memo Posting when Post Project Code to GL Voucher as Analysis Code 1 option in Company Setup is turned on.
  • Add Profit and Loss Statement by Project Code Report



  • Create Payroll Voucher in General Ledger.
  • Generate IR56B Batch.
  • IR56B Adjustment.
  • IR56F, IR56G Processing.
  • Change Number of “Other Pay Type” from 4 to 6.
  • Add Public Holiday Maintenance.
  • Handle Prorated Salary (New & Resigned Employee during the middle of month).
  • Add Payroll Today and Payroll Reminder.
  • Support Merge IR56B from different database.



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