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What's New in ERPro 2.7

November 1, 2005


System Manager

  • Print Excel Document now support Multiple Merge Fields in a Cell.
  • Print Excel Document Merge Field now support Product Photo
  • ERPro will prompt you to confirm exit when you close a form during editing.


Payroll (New Module)

  • Add Payroll Setup
  • Add Employee Maintenance
  • Add Generate Payroll Batch
  • Add Print Salary Pay Slip
  • Add Print Payroll Cheque
  • Add Generate Auto-pay File (HSBC, Citi-Bank, DBS)
  • Integrated with ERPro General Ledger Module



  • Add Project Code Assignment - AR/AP Invoice, SO/PO, and Shipment/GRN. Users can now amend the Project Code even if the transaction was posted.



  • Add Origin Maintenance
  • Add Material Maintenance
  • Add Origin and Material info in Item Master



  • Auto PO Creation - Use this function to automatically create purchase orders based on the Supply/Demand concept (safety stock level, re-order point, re-order quantities and quantities on sales order/purchase order).



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