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What's New in ERPro/HRPro 6.4?

ERPro 6.4                                                                                          
  • Added field Project Code to Sales Quotation SLFQE
  • Renamed Buyer No. to Buyer ID

HRPro 6.4

  • Added Taxable Income Report by Employee PLRTI
  • Added Enable Login to webleave checkbox to Employee Master PLFEE
  • Added OverTime Pay included this Minimum minutes check box in Global Working Hours PLFWH and Shift Code PLFSC
  • Added Attendance Summary Report PLRAS
  • Added OT Type (Special) to employee Master PLFEE for Holiday Compensation Rate
  • Added Deduction Type Table PLFDT for Late-In or Early-Out deduction Rate Calculation
  • Added Late Deduction in Payroll Adjustment
  • Added Late Deduction in Payroll Module Setup Pay Type
  • Added Late Deduction in All Payroll Reports

Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance and Support Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk for upgrade arrangement.