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What's New in ERPro/HRPro 5.5

October 2, 2008 
ERPro 5.5                                                                                         
  • Added field Description to sales return SLFRE
  • Added field Description to purchase return PUFPR
  • Added Attachment Tab to Sales Return SLFRE 
  • Added Attachment Tab to Purchase Return PUFPR
  • Print Word Document supported Mutliple lines
  • Support Sales Return on paid invoice (over-returned)  - Credit Adjustment (instead of Credit Memo) will be created
  • Added field Default Sales Return Location and Default Purchase Return Location in Company Setup - Inventory Tab
  • Added field Return Reason and Return Handling in Sales Return SLRFE
  • Added New Enquiry -  Stock Movement Enquiry ICESM
  • Added option Schedule Date selection to Auto PO Creation PUPAC
  • Added menu item Undo Bank Transaction Posting BKFUP
  • Added document How to import Stock Adjustment from Excel File? to User Portal
  • Added document Inventory Sales Price Update Demonstration to User Portal
  • Added Checkbox option: Column Autoresize during edit in Tools Options

HRPro 5.5

Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact ERPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk or phone 2782-0669 for upgrade arrangement.