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Work with Report Control

The Report Control controls the reporting contents of all the reports. In the Report Control, you can define the sorting order and the filter conditions:



From the Field Column, select the Field Name that you wish to filter. All the Field Name in the Report is available to select.


From the Operator Column, select the Operator for comparison.



Equal                Show the data that is exactly equal the given value

Not Equal            Show the data that is not equal the given value

Contains             Show the data that contains in the given value

Not Contains         Show the data that does not contain in the given value

Begin with           Show the data that is begin with the given value

Between              Show the data that is between 2 given values (use .. to separate the values)

In                   Show the data that is in one of the given list of values

Not In               Show the data that is not in one of the given list of values 

> or =               Show the data that is greater than or equal to the given value

< or =               Show the data that is less  than or equal to the given value

>                    Show the data that is greater than the given value

<                    Show the data that is less than the given value


Select  “And/or” when multiple conditions is given.

Select the Order by combo box to control the sorting sequence of the result (This is only valid in Excel Reporting)

Select the Output To option to let the output go to Printer, Screen, Excel or Window. (Depended on the design of the report, not all options are available to select).

Output to Window is to display the raw information in a Table Format for easy reference.

Summary check box - when available and checked, will not print the details section of the report.

In this example, this will print the Customer Balance Report with all customer name is begin with the letter H and the Customer Balance in Local Currency is greater than $10,000 and the Customer Default Currency is USD. The sorting order will sort by the Customer Balance descending. And the output will direct to Microsoft Excel.