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Post-Dated Cheque Processing Demonstration

1. Define a Posted-dated Cheque Account which is an Asset Account.

2. Payment Receipt

Make sure:

-          PD Cheque Check Box is checked

-          Cash Account is the Account defined in Step 1

-          Receipt Date is fiscal date

-          Ref No. is the cheque number

-          Cheque Date is entered.


3. After Payment Receipt is posted, in GL Voucher

Erpro will

Debit Post-Dated Cheque

Credit Account Receivable

4. In Post-Dated Cheque Posting

5. When Post-Dated Cheque Date meet. In ERPro Today will stated that there is 1 Post-Dated Cheque waiting to process. You can now bank in the Post-Dated Cheque.


6. After the Post-Dated Cheque is banked in. Select the Cash Account and post the Post-Dated Cheque.

7. In GL Voucher


Erpro will

Credit Post-Dated Cheque

Debit Cash Account

And the Voucher Date is the cheque date