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Incoming Quality Check (IQC) Demonstration

When items require Incoming Quality Check, items received will not be reflected into the inventory system until they are accepted.


1.      Define the Inspection Account in GL

2.      Define the Inspection Account in Inventory Cost Centre

3.      Check “IQC Required” and define the appropriate Cost Centre for the item that require IQC in Item Master (GBFIM).


4.      Create the Purchase Order as usual

5.      Goods Received as usual

6.      Even the Good Received is posted, ERPro will not create the “Stock In” Transaction.


7.      The Vendor Invoice is still created.

8.      The GL Voucher will Debit the Inspection Account (not the Inventory Account).


9.      After the Inspection is completed. You can create the Q.C. Inspection transaction and input the Accepted Qty and Rejected Qty.

10. After the Q.C. Inspection Transaction is posted. In Inventory Status:

11. In GL Voucher

Credit Inspection Account

Debit Inventory Account


12. In Vendor Credit Memo

13. After Vendor Credit Memo is posted, In GL Voucher

Credit Inspection Account

Debit AP Control Account