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Deposit Needed Demonstration

Deposit Needed is a feature in ERPro that require a particular Sales Order that cannot be shipped unless the deposit is received.

1.      Make sure a Deposit Account is defined in Chart of Account

2.      The Deposit Account should defined in Profit Centre

3.      This Profit Centre should assigned to a Customer

4.      When issuing Sales Order, make sure the Deposit Needed check box is checked and the Deposit Rate or Deposit Amount is inputted.


5.      After the Sales Order is posted. When creating Shipment but Deposit is not yet received. ERPro will prompt you that this Sales Order is required Deposit and the Shipment cannot be created.

6.      When Deposit is Received – Go to Accounts Receivable – Input – Deposit to input the deposit entry.

7.      After the Deposit is posted. A GL Voucher will be created


Debit Bank

Credit Deposit Account


In Customer Status Enquiry

8.      And the Shipment can be created now.

9.      After the invoice is posted, in Customer Status Enquiry.


10.      To apply the Deposit to the Invoice, In Accounts Receivable – Processes – Unapplied Documents Application, locate the Deposit you wish to apply and double click to open.

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Debit Deposit Account

Credit Account Receivable

11. Now the Invoice is partially paid, and the balance is ready to settle.