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Auto PO Creation

Use this form to automatically create purchase orders based on the Supply/Demand concept (safety stock level, re-order point, re-order quantities and quantities on sales order/purchase order).



1.      Check the require checkboxes in order to calculate Qty to Order. E.g.


Qty to Order = Qty on SO – (Qty On Hand + Qty on PO)


This fulfills the Sales Order requirements.


Qty to Order = Safety Stock – (Qty On Hand + Qty on PO)


This fulfills the Safety Stock Level of warehouse.


Qty to Order = Qty on SO (Parent) – (Qty On Hand + Qty on PO)


This fulfills the SO for the End Product


        Click Refresh button to view the result.


2.      Uncheck the item that you do not want to order. Click Select All button will select all items. Click Clear all button will unselect all items.

3.      Click the Begin Creation button to create the Purchase Orders.



1.      The Vendor ID is based on Preferred Vendor A defined in Item Master.

2.      The Vendor Address, Payment Currency, Buyer, Payment Term are defined in Vendor Master

3.      The PO Number is defined in Company Setup and must turn on the auto-numbering.

4.      The Receiving Location is defined in Company Setup

5.      Qty on SO (Parent) is the Outstanding Order Qty for the End Product of that Part No. See Bill of Material

6.      The Columns Qty on SO, Qty on SO (Parent) and Qty on PO included the qty on unposted Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

7.      The created Purchase Orders are in “unposted” status. Users can edit the Purchase Orders to input additional information.

8.      If The Minimum Order qty is defined in Item Master and is greater than the calculated qty, ERPro will use the Minimum Order Qty as the Qty to Order. (Minimum Order Qty is the number of item units recommended for purchase each time)