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AR/AP Offset Demonstration

ERPro AR/AP Offset Demonstration


AR/AP offset function in ERPro is a contra function between accounts receivable & accounts payable. Which is suitable for company that their Vendor is also their Customer and they pay only the different of their invoice when settlement.


To turn on the feature of AR/AP offset function, click the Show Offset checkbox in Company Setup – GL Setup tab.

Here is the example.

1. Issue AR Invoice HK$10,000 to Customer “EP”

2. Issue AP Invoice HK$9,000 to Vendor “EPSON”

3. When the trader (Customer/Vendor) pay HK$1,000. In GL – Voucher Processing, create a Voucher:



4. After posting

Account 2006 is the Receivable Account defined in the Profit Centre in Invoice IN0503071.

Account 3001 is the Payable Account defined in the Cost Centre in Vendor Invoice AP0503-06489.