Direct Shipment

This form is used for preparing shipments to one-step sales transactions. One-step transactions are those wherein the ordering and shipment steps are combined. In effect, there is no separate ordering step. As the goods are ordered, they are also delivered with the same document as cover.


Explanation of Header Fields

Shipment No.

    Capslock. Required. Cannot be changed by the user after the record has been saved.

Customer ID.

    Required. Capslock. 

Customer Name

    For display only.

Salesperson ID.

    Capslock. Required.

Customer PO 




Shipment Date

    Required. Default to system date or business date.


    Required. Capslock. 

Exch. Rate

    Must be greater than zero.

    If Currency is the same as the Base_Currency should be set to 1 and cannot be changed by the user.

Ship From

    Capslock. Required.

Price Code

    Capslock. Optional. 


   For display only. Posted or Unposted

IC Ref No

   For display only. The Inventory Control Ref No. after this invoice is posted.

Net Invoice Amount

   For display only.

Return Button

Explanation of Item Tab

Item No.

    Capslock. Required. 


     Look-up field with Item Master.

Ship Qty.

    Must be greater than zero. Provide up to 4 decimal places.


    Required. On entry, if new record and empty, default to the item’s sales unit. Must be a valid unit of measure.

Unit Price

    Must not be less than zero. Provide up to 4 decimal places.

Discount Rate

    Range 0 to 100. Provide up to 2 decimal places.

Line Amount

    Computed as Order_Qty * (Unit_Price * Discount_Rate / 100) rounded to 2 decimal places.

    If the user changes this field, the Discount_Rate will be automatically updated.

Explanation of Shipping Information Tab

Ship To

    Capslock. No defaults.

    If user enters a non-blank Address Code, find the entry in Shipment Addresses where for the customer.

Ship. Address

    Optional. On entry, if Shipment_Address is blank, initializes based on address entry in the Customer Master.

Explanation of Billing Information Tab


    Capslock. Required. Must be a valid entry in the Payment Terms table.

Price Code

    Capslock. Optional. 

Billing Address

    For display only.

Gross Item Amount

    For display only.


    Range 0 to 100. If not zero, compute Trade_Disc_Amt = Gross_Item_Amt * Trade_Disc_Percent / 100. Round to 2 decimal places.

"Field after Trade Discount"

    If Trade_Disc_Percent is not zero, this field is for display only.
    If Trade_Disc_Percent, must not be less than zero and must not be greater than Gross_Item_Amt.

Total Charges

    For display only.

Net Invoice Amount

    For display only.

Explanation of Particulars Tab

Check Box

            Checked the Check Box if you wish to select this particular


            You can optionally edit the Description after the check box is checked.

Explanation of Charges Tab

Charge Type



        Required. Can be amend.


     Must be greater than zero.

 Explanation of Remarks Tab

     This box is optional and is used for entering any additional comments.

Explanation of Attachment Tab


    Click the “.. “ button to attached any file from your drives to this document for later reference.



Created by

     For display only

Creation date

     For display only


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