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Why some of the Chinese Characters display ? in ERPro?

Although your PC is running Traditional Chinese Windows (or the codepage/locale is set to Traditional Chinese) , most of the Chinese display correctly, but some of the Chinese Characters enter into ERPro displayed ?.
Although ERPro is a unicode based system. However, some screen controls (e.g. Text Box) depended on the codepage of Windows. For Traditional Chinese Code Page (950), Microsoft included only the BIG-5 Chinese Characters in Code Page 950 (only 13,060 characters), but did not include some common characters used in Hong Kong (e.g. 峯、双、堃、栢、喆、煊、滙、綉、琼), resulting display ? on screen.
Although there are many BIG-5 extensions exist on the market, but each are incompatible with each other.
We recommended Unicode補完計画. After installation, ERPro can not only display BIG-5 extensions, but also Simplified Chinese/Japanese/Korean.

However, please note that there may be problem if these extended characters require export to other external systems (e.g. Bank, Inland Revenue) (e.g. IR56B Taxation Diskette allows only normal BIG-5 Characters)
The problem of using Unicode補完計画 or similar extension is out of our support scope.