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What is Prepaid Payroll Batch Processing

Prepaid Payroll Batch is an additional batch issue during the middle of the month, it is used for commission or bi-monthly payroll where the company is not only issue one payroll batch per month.
To turn on Prepaid Payroll Batch, go to System Manager -> Maintenance -> HRPro Setup, double click the company name to open the HRPro Setup.
Click on the "Enable Prepaid Batch"
Click OK to save the setting, you must logoff and login HRPro again in order to view the menu items for the Prepaid Payroll Batch Processing.
The payroll cycle for prepaid payroll processing is almost the same as normal payroll batch
i.e. Generate Prepaid Payroll Batch for the month, Prepaid Payroll Adjustment, Print Prepaid Payroll Details Report, Print Salary Pay Slip, print Payroll Cheque, post the Prepaid Payroll Batch.
Please note that there is no autopay processing in Prepaid Payroll Batch and the MPF calculation is not perform during "Generate Prepaid Payroll Batch" processing.
You must post the prepaid payroll batch before generating the normal payroll batch.
After you generate the normal payroll batch, two new columns are added. The Current Month Net Pay, Prepaid Salary
And in the individual payroll adjustment screen.
And the Salary Pay Slip
The leave pays, MPF Contributions etc are still using the full month amount.
Other operations e.g. Taxation, Leave, Reporting etc are not affected by the prepaid payroll batch processing.