AR Profit Centre

This form is used for defining the profit centres for classifying transactions in both the sales and receivables modules. The profit centre for a transaction determines the accounts that will be updated when the transaction’s information is passed unto the General Ledger.

In Sales and Accounts Receivable, profit centres are specified in both the customer record and in invoice transactions. The basis for debiting invoice transactions will be the receivables account specified in the profit centre of the customer record.

See also: Usage for Receivables Profit Centre, Payables Cost Centre, Inventory Cost Centre 

Explanation of Fields

Profit Centre


Capslock. Required.




Required. Fixed position column.


Receivables Account


Capslock. Optional.


The account number specified here is used to summarize the customer account if the profit centre is linked to the customer record.


Sales Account


Capslock. Optional. For sales invoices, the amount of the transaction is credited to this account.


Trade Disc. Account


Capslock. Optional.


Term Disc. Account


Capslock. Optional.


Exch. Diff. Account


Capslock. Optional.


Sales Return Account


When a credit memo is posted, the amount involved will be debited to this account.